Team Work Concept

  Technology and technique  growth is accelerating across the world in a way that has become difficult or even impossible for one person to pursue, and business performance among harmonious work teams has not only become very important, but also  the key to real success in the very near future, and to achieve the maximum […]


When shaik al-Shaarawy, (Imam of the Preachers), speaks directly to the children, answering their questions and offer those responsible for raising children an integrated approach that helps them to achieve the best ways of education, to raise generations that live on tolerance and coexistence with all human beings, presented Through an interesting and exciting drama […]

Two Souls (Cairo Book Fair 2020)

 New novel will be published on January 2020 About an old man and a woman fall in love. So each of them finds himself forced to face the society and his own sons. Will they pass through? Or what will happen? Do they really have the right to fall in love in that age? Is […]