IMPORTANT NOTE: (All of our services are mainly provided online)

Service delivery time depends on evaluating the required service, as well as the assurance that any service is not considered agreed upon and are not applied until the submission of the service date and the official agreement confirmed.

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For direct contact (from 5 pm to 8 pm GMT) (+2) 011-142-201-19 (WhatsApp only)

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      1. Our client fills the dedicated form on our website and mentions the required service with all the details to guarantee the best results and the easiest way to deal. So we'll save time, effort, and money.
      1. We analyze the sent details within 72 hours of receiving our client request and inform our client of all observations via the e-mail address provided. That represents Direct and full responsibility for the validity of the provided e-mail address and all liability for legal consequences and financial implications of the wrong e-mail address


      We're not responsible any way for copyrights, as we don't offer copyright preservation services, as we can only guide our clients on how to get intellectual copyrights with no responsibility for that.

      1. All dealings with our clients are guaranteed with strict confidentiality and not to present any information related to any business/project to dealing with any other party.
      2. After that, our team will communicate with our client to discuss the project more and complete details to specify fees required, and mention how and when we will receive payments, clearly and accurately, and the timing of receiving each service and inform you via your e-mail.
      3. We send a timetable to our client via e-mail to confirm approval if agreed.


      The timetable is not binding until the fulfillment of items 6 and 7 coming next.

      1. Signing the electronic contract/agreement form via our website.
      2. Transferring the down payment agreed upon through the specified payment methods to certify that the contract/agreement is final.
      3. After completing all the previous steps, the contract/agreement is valid.
      4. We start following the agreed timetable with dates of mission execution or depositing the agreed payments into our account.