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Creating drama...

is the power of my soul

Since 1986 have been creating in different writing mediums and forms, hoping my creations find the way to hearts and souls.
I’m an eastern Screenplay writer and author who whispers words as a summer night breeze flows, spreading passions.
Studying accounting, screenplay writing, drama, and criticism impacted my way of creation.
In 1993 I became a professional screenplay writer as I wrote (4) series thus, had been certified as a screenplay writer.

He Survived who loved, kept his innocence, and didn't lose the child deep inside his soul. He will perish who hated, lost innocence, and allowed them to snatch that child. Love is Survival. Hatred is a fatal destruction.


Mohamed Rashad El-Arabi is the formal name that all my works carry, which goes over 90 projects I have finished up till now vary between movies, series, books, and media consulting.
Some of my works got the success I did not expect indeed, which proved that pushing your creation to succeed means it has to preserve humanity.
I live in Egypt with my beloved family as I used to travel a little bit before Covid-19. I hope it’ll be better next year.
I started writing in 1986, acting, and directing as well. At the same time, I started studying accounting at the faculty of Commerce.
In, 1988 I made my mind up, I’m a writer, first of all.
I started studying screenplay writing in 1990, the same year I graduated with

a Bachelor’s degree as an accountant, and I was required to perform military service (so, I had to live the Gulf War experience anyway)
In 1993 (the second year of my study), I wrote (4) series as a professional screenplay writer shot and shown together in 1994, so I became a Certified screenplay writer by the end of 1993.
Anyway, I went on having some spot works as (Reem, Kareem, and uncle Hakeem-kids’ series 1994), (Next century adventures-Kids’ series and The past-TV movie 1998), (Nile tales-Kids’ series 2004), (Report to the public-TV series 2007), (love story-TV series 90 episode 2014), (School of love-TV series 60 episode 2020), and in between I published so many novels such as (The past, Moon hunting, and Two souls),

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