School of Love
This series tells various stories of love between spouses, family, friends, and so on to discover what could be in love stories between people. So we watch conflicts that arise in different aspects of life because of various human feelings.
FORMAT: 60×40 minutes
GENRE: Social, Romance
Premiere: August 2020
Love Story
This series tells a story of a love triangle between two men and a woman. One of them is a rich businessman whom she owes a lot, financially and morally, and the other one is a handsome engineer whom she ran into by coincidence and has mutual love feelings.
FORMAT: 90×40 minutes
GENRE: Social, Romance, Crime, Action
Premiere: 2014 Summer
Public Report
This series tells a real story of a forbidden young lady and a friend of her brother, so she has an illegal child, so Her cousin who is engaged to him murdered her for the honor. Hours after birth, the child becomes in the care of another woman who is forced by war to leave the country, and after many years the surrogate mother appears trying to prove that her boy is the son of x lover.
FORMAT: 30×40 minutes
GENRE: Social, Romance, Crime, Action
Premiere: 2007 Summer
Visibility studies, executive producer, technical and media consultant for implementing and constructing for studios and supervising the implementation, technical and media consultant for the TV series, editorial consultant for publishing, branding, e-publishing, media and web solutions.
Media Consulting
Visibility studies, executive producer, technical and media consultant for implementing and constructing for studios and supervising the implementation, technical and media consultant for the TV series, editorial consultant for publishing, branding, e-publishing, media and web solutions.
Kuwaiti Cable TV Company’s studio
Executive producer for the series (Public Report)
Publishing on Amazon and Other e-publishing platforms
Back to Imam
About 25 years have passed since I finished this project with Imam Mohamed Metwally Alshaarawy. As I intended to finish an integrated approach to raising a Muslim kids presented by the most important Imam in the last 100 years.
TV Series: 60×10 MINUTS
BOOKS: 60 Books





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Targeting the OTT we work on achieving the goals, which is to take advantage of the power of technology to obtain maximum benefits of communication on the largest scale without the need to travel as much as possible. To be able to serve our clients with the lowest cost, time, and effort to achieve the highest possible levels of achieving goals

Drama and content engineering concept

Farewell drama stereotypes, and pre-made creativity

(When drama and content interact to the requirements of era, and becomes an essential element in all our daily live details, as creativity becomes a tight engineered structure, and the standards of industrial and industrial engineering are applied to the artistic product, so the world of creativity tends to be in the future, we do not write a molded drama but we invent and make drama)

The technique of our curriculum in drama engineering depends on an integrated scientific planning for the drama and the content on the foundations and engineering standards calculated accurately, through the implementation of permutations and combinations of creative formulas for the achievement of the predetermined goal and with all accuracy and clarity of the production process, as the primary goal of employing drama engineering is Working to achieve the desired goals of the production process of any work within the framework of a budget, execution period and presentation date, and a target audience, with predetermined technical specifications and standards (building / rebuilding / structuring / solutions / identifying ideas and the most appropriate frameworks ... etc), and building all the work details From the point of p Flee within this tire.
It is important to point out here that building, structuring or restructuring also includes writing dramatic works by employing specific elements and in specific frameworks, for example:
• That the producer requests that events take place within a specific place or in a specific region, such as a request that the drama revolve primarily within a house, factory, tourist village, or a specific country ... etc.
• Or a specific number of actors.
• Or make events take place during a specific (drama) period of time - the time of events, whether at a specific time of day or a number of specific hours.
• Or even make a specific commercial product as the star of the project.
• To find ideas and actions meant to express specific ideas to a specific community or segment of audience.
• Or even converting any solid information to present it within an interesting and attractive dramatic framework.
And all that is required to recruit drama and content according to a pre-planned and very specified goals, and what would impose the nature and structure of drama. Whether it is for the purpose of exploiting the nature of the place or even for promotional recruiting for the project without prejudice to the fact that the drama is coherent and professionally recruited, therefore, according to engineering standards and equations including from charts and graphs, We do this based on the basis of engineering structure that is based on the conversion of all information and available data to make drama and relationships that are required to be included into graphs and equations that lead to the pre-goals which are expected to be achieved through the production process, and this includes the
Engineering charts represented in:
• Relationships networks.
Charts that define the nature and basics of relationships through drama, and how the nature of those relationships affect the hall framework of relationships circles, as well as how to push actions to progress or decline, to be aware of when and how does that happen, and why?
Character profiles.
It is an integrated file refuting everything related to each personality through drama, including specifications and characteristics that determine the reasons for its existence in drama and the role assigned to its performance through drama, and controls its behavior throughout the drama, the results of this behavior and its effects on the flow of actions across drama.
• Development flow charts.
From starting point to the drama finish line achieving the goal, for example: