Drama & Content Engineering

Why we Created Drama Content Creativity Center Online?
Over thirty years of creativity, his creation varied in various writing types. Fiction/documentary screenplays, novels, plays, essays, research, songs, and writing for kids. In 2004, he established his project (Drama Engineering), which aims to convert the capabilities and production goals that were predetermined clearly by the production team into equations, graphs, and so many other forms of work to create content that achieves all production goals professionally.

Drama Content Creativity Center Online

We work Globally through our team partners around the world.

Content has become very interactive, affecting all our daily life. So we need a new era of creation (Drama and Content engineering) to create an artistic product, as we do not follow the stereotyped drama but create a new generation of elite human drama.

Save your time, effort, and money, and do it all ONLINE

What We Offer


(All of our services are mainly provided online)

Service delivery time depends on evaluating the required service, as well as the assurance that any service is not considered agreed upon and is not applied until the submission of the service date and the official agreement is confirmed.


Whatever type of content you dream of, we write it for you professionally, in the shortest time, and in a manner that achieves all your production goals because we write through your thoughts to make them come true.


We Guide you to create an idea out of nowhere, preserve your intellectual property rights, push your Project forward, present it, and get yourself to another level of creativity by rediscovering your potential. We are here to be your spiritual guide to create.