School of Love
This series tells various stories of love between spouses, family, friends, and so on to discover what could be in love stories between people. So we watch conflicts that arise in different aspects of life because of various human feelings.
FORMAT: 60×40 minutes
GENRE: Social, Romance
Premiere: August 2020
Love Story
This series tells a story of a love triangle between two men and a woman. One of them is a rich businessman whom she owes a lot, financially and morally, and the other one is a handsome engineer whom she ran into by coincidence and has mutual love feelings.
FORMAT: 90×40 minutes
GENRE: Social, Romance, Crime, Action
Premiere: 2014 Summer
Public Report
This series tells a real story of a forbidden young lady and a friend of her brother, so she has an illegal child, so Her cousin who is engaged to him murdered her for the honor. Hours after birth, the child becomes in the care of another woman who is forced by war to leave the country, and after many years the surrogate mother appears trying to prove that her boy is the son of x lover.
FORMAT: 30×40 minutes
GENRE: Social, Romance, Crime, Action
Premiere: 2007 Summer
This movie tells a story about a totally unlucky and very kind guy and all he wants to find someone to love, and as he tries to get close to the girl he loves, he spends a day of adventures in which his misfortune inflicts him so that his entire life will change forever.
Media Consulting
We Offer visibility studies, executive producer, technical and media consultant for implementing and constructing for studios and supervising the implementation, technical and media consultant for the TV series, editorial consultant for publishing, branding, e-publishing, media, and web solutions.
Kuwaiti Cable TV Company’s studio
Executive producer for the series (Public Report)
Publishing on Amazon and Other e-publishing platforms
Back to Imam
About 25 years have passed since I finished this project with Imam Mohamed Metwally Alshaarawy. As I intended to finish an integrated approach to raising a Muslim kids presented by the most important Imam in the last 100 years.
TV Series: 60×10 MINUTS
BOOKS: 60 Books
Kids' Shows
Over 30 years, we have been writing screenplays for movies, TV series, and books for kids besides comic magazines of many stories and educational types.
Our works had been shown through many TVs and published all over the middle east.
TV Series
E-Books Service
In 2004 we started web designing, programming, and developing. In 2015 we started e-books publishing services. We help writers finding an appropriate idea, developing, and all the steps after to produce a book to publish through international publishing platforms such as Amazon and others. We also help authors to have their websites to introduce themselves or even to sell their books.
E-Books service
cover & book design
publish through publishing platforms
Web Service
To provide a bouquet of integrated solutions to our customers, we offer all web services that serve all other activities that we offer our services. Whether you are a writer, publisher, or working in the media field in general, we provide you with all services that help you achieve maximum success in your work.
E-Books service
cover & book design
publish through publishing platforms





IMPORTANT NOTE: (All of our services are mainly provided online)

Service delivery time depends on evaluating the required service, as well as the assurance that any service is not considered agreed upon and are not applied until the submission of the service date and the official agreement confirmed.

Media Creativity

Think-Tank Center

We Create Drama & OTT Content Through...

Thinking drama is a lifestyle


Egywood.net established in 2004, based on OTT drama scriptwriting, content in all forms, and e-publishing services, We’ve written and produced over 70 projects for many production companies and publishers, or for our own production. All had been shown through over 60 media channels and our books are in markets all over the region.


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  1. Convert your intellectual creativity into an e-format and publish across all e-platforms.
  2. Templates to format your creation.
  3. Help to develop your creative content until it reaches the professional standards
  4. Cover designing by a team of specialists.
  1. Website design and development.
  2. E-markets.
  3. ِAdding SSL / TLS.
  4. Digital content services
  5. And many other services.

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Each and every individual all over the world has the experience and qualifications in accordance with professional standards we approve, has the opportunity to become a member of the (team/teams) that egywood dot net cooperates with.

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Targeting the OTT we work on achieving the goals, which is to take advantage of the power of technology to obtain maximum benefits of communication on the largest scale without the need to travel as much as possible. To be able to serve our clients with the lowest cost, time, and effort to achieve the highest possible levels of achieving goals

OTT Content & Drama Engineering Concept

Farewell, stereotyped drama, content, and Molded creativity.

(When the drama and content interact as an essential element of all our daily life details, so creation follows engineering standards to apply the artistic projects).

Relying on our style, I invent and follow my content engineering rules to integrate, optimize, structure, and restructure any content type (especially drama) through formulas, aiming to achieve the pre-defined goals with all accuracy and clarity of production process within:

With technical specifications and standards to present: * 

  It's important to point out that construction or restructuring also includes writing projects by recruiting pre-defined elements within specific frameworks, as an example:

  We do all the above professionally without affecting drama or content structure. Schemes and graphs included. We create the project processing all data, Maintaining the relationship between all required components, leading the outputs to guarantee to achieve pre-defined goals. That means converting all data to:

  1. Relationships networks.

It means the charts which reveal the types and basics that rule relationships between characters, how these relationships affect each character, drama escalation structure, and how they drive actions forward.

  1. Character profiles.

  Integrated files present all about each character and the roles assigned them to perform thorough, controlling their behavior, this behavior results, and how it affects drama flow.

  1. Drama progress diagrams.

  Drama line starting the point of attack to the end, achieving goals like:

Based on content engineering approving the way that guarantees actions and information to be realistic and logically presented.

  1. Conflict.

  All the different types of conflict that affect each other, as well as flowing throughout the project, are mutated into graphs within the overall conflict circle to make it easier to identify: strength, weakness, and stability points of drama or content, and other types of files are required to guarantee production teamwork a clear vision. So they become able to get solutions according to the needs of each project separately.

  All the mentioned above, and more mainly affected by data are Available, and what producers intend to produce, what should be included such as goals, messages and the targeted audience, even the marketing strategies planned. All these data affect forming the idea and the structure of the project as a whole.

  Rely on our way of creating engineering plans approving data creating and forming the main idea, and structure of the project such as:

Follow our basis to recruit a specified place as the main protagonist, such as a resort, public place, factory, company, city, archaeological area, house, etc. So we create drama and content to achieve the maximum recruiting of the protagonist And all its capabilities. So we save a lot of costs too.

  In case we intend to shoot in more than one country, those countries are determined, and the percentage of actions required to take place in each country, for example, 10% take place in country X, 90% in country Y, and so on. To be considered to form the idea and plane drama and content flow, and protagonists' characters to be in Harmony with what determined from the beginning.

  The number of seasons and the number of episodes for each season are considered an important issue. So we divide each season into a unit standing alone within the overall project plan. The same is applying to movie series, with the same procedures.

  Clarify any other considerations related to project continuity (movie series/TV drama seasons/seasons for a specific program... etc.) that to be considered as we create the idea and write the project to guarantee the modulation of the elements and components of continuity.

Determining the topics that will be the most. (direct or indirect recruit) within the project. (projects with specific targets such as national projects or campaigns that any entity or country needs to present to the public through an attractive form), (scientific or educational topics for all ages), (Documentary topics such as stories or important events related to those countries), and so on.

Determine the date to start shooting could not be ignored, as it affects our plans and creating the project process, as we recruit this data through the idea or writing the project.

  Budgets and timelines are substantial in planning and writing to confirm creating projects to implement pre-defined goals. At the same time, it helps to set our timetables professionally.