We adopt the strategy we named (Drama Engineering), which means dealing with the creation according to engineering principles. We handle the process with precise criteria to create drama or content following templates that achieve all the goals for the production according to equations, graphs, and plans.
One of the most important pillars is to take advantage of technology communication power to gain the maximum benefits to serve our clients, saving money, time, and effort with the highest level of Professionality.
We dedicate a team for each project based on the integration of the tasks required.
Our workshop consists of specialists from different countries, including creators, scriptwriters, and researchers who verify the information of any content, as well as consultants specialized in all scientific and practical fields that may be required.
Therefore, we provide the following service:

  1. Drama and content writing.
  2. Screenplay Consulting.
  3. Training & Solutions.
  4. Content and drama for Kids.
  5. Content and community development.

Our workshop is experienced for writing any drama type, creating the idea or writing based on any written source or format, whether films, Series with limited episodes, extended episodes, or split seasons.
Develop an existing script.
We also accept any written or intended to be written Scripts to restructure into a more professional copy.

We accept written scripts to review and identify weak points to present the necessary report for developing a final professional and marketable copy,
We also offer consulting and solutions.
Therefore, we provide story analysis detailed reports containing the next:

  1. Primes, theme, concept, originality.
  2. Plot or storyline.
  3. Characters.
  4. Structure.
  5. Pace.
  6. Movie/Show Title.
  7. Treatment/Bible Presentation.
  8. Conclusion/Counseling.

We offer various flexible and customizable training programs for all disciplines related to the creation, whether in writing or for specialists who deal with content.
Those training programs are prepared either to achieve general or specific goals.

  1. Script writing courses
  2. writing a script about specific topic workshops.
  3. Abilities and skills discovering and development for professional scriptwriters
  4. Brainstorming sessions
  5. Other artists develop their ability to recreate a new right vision of the content.

We also provide all the creative solutions that scriptwriters or other content handlers may need to develop their works and get them into the highest levels of professionality.

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